Intro & New Things

It’s been time for new things in my writing-for-the-internet-life for a while, so changes have been made and here is my list of shiny new things.

New Thing #1

The blog has a new home on WordPress. I’m not very internet technology savvy and I have no idea how to make this thing pretty and exciting to look at, but I like WordPress and I hope you like it here too.

New Thing #2

I paid some domain name hosting website to buy the rights to use “” as my very own. It was time. I feel like I’m a big kid now, as far as blogging goes.

New Thing #3

New posts. The old blog and its contents still exist, but they are hiding someplace else for now. Some of them are just mine now, for my kids to read someday, and some will be re-shared here. But mostly I want to write some new things and I hope that’s okay.

I think that is all of the new things I can think of. It’s not a long list but it’ll do.

If you are reading my writing for the very first time, it’s all new anyway, so welcome to you and please say hello.

Introductory Things

Now about this thing I call TroubleFace. TroubleFace is the look on someone’s face when some kind of terrific mischief is about to go down, already under way or has just happened. It’s my favorite expression because it always leads to the best moments, and to the stories that my grandchildren will want to hear about their parents one day. It’s the twinkle in the eyes, the silly grin, the dimples, the scrunchy nose, the crooked smile and the hand in the cookie jar. There is all kinds of wonderful trouble to be had in my home and I wouldn’t have it any other way. Most of the people who read this thing these days know me, but just in case you’re new I am Jenna, wife to Glenn since August 22, 2004 and mom to our 4 little troublefaces. Mateo is the oldest. He was born in July of 2005 and is my precocious, pensive, loving, adventurous, curious, creative, dancing machine little man. Andreas is next and he was born in September of 2007. He is my funny, silly, quirky guy, who is a tough egg to crack but worth the effort of getting to know. For Andreas we are in the midst of developmental assessments for possible autism or …. something. Stay tuned. Olivier is my energetic, passionate, fun, dramatic, attention-loving, wild child with a sweet and loving streak. He was born in February of 2010, followed by our only girl, miss Rosalie, in February 2012. Rosie Posie is itty bitty, very sweet and just who our family never knew we were all waiting for until she arrived and completed our home.

And I’m the mom. TroubleFace Mom to these four fantastic rascals who inspire me to write about them, and a whole lot of other things that I’ve never shared, but will be sharing soon, as well.


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