Parenting Regression

We are 4 babies in to this parenting gig, and I can honestly say that there have been some changes in how we do things around here since baby number one crashed the party 7 years ago.

Today, my 6 month and 5 day old baby girl crawled.

Our reaction to this milestone has definitely changed over time.

With our first child, the crawling happened early. He was our early bird in all the milestones and we were oh so proud and thrilled and excited about everything he did. First time parents and all, we were convinced it had something to do with something we must have been doing right. (We were delusional.) Mr. Precocious was crawling around 5 or so months, pulling up on furniture shortly thereafter, and cruising around furniture and walls by 6.5 months. He took his first step at 7.5 months and my mom had him kicking soccer balls at 10 months. At the time we were having too much fun to realize how much work it was to have such a young baby be mobile and agile. We had ourselves a rock star baby – party on.

With our second child, it was pretty similar. Crawled at 6 months and took his first step at 8.5 months. But the cool thing with him was that he wasn’t interested in walking so he chilled out a bit and wasn’t really toddling around till 9.5-10 months. We enjoyed the toddling and were oh so proud of our early movers. Yay us. Two rock star babies. Confirmation that we must really be doing something right.

Child number three came along and I prayed to God that my baby wouldn’t walk before 10 months. I was tired and I knew how this whole crawling to pulling up to cruising around the furniture to walking progression went. Fast is how it went and I wanted none of it. What about these babies who wait till after their first birthday to walk? Could I please have one of those babies? No deal. He took his first steps the day before 10 months. I think God was laughing at me and my request for no walking before 10 months. What was I doing wrong here?

Now we have a little girl and she has been much more chill than the boys. She rolled over later, she isn’t sitting up for longer than a couple seconds still, and up till today I was giving myself silent high fives that she wasn’t crawling yet. Yippee-kay-yay, I was convinced I was going to have a baby who stayed put for a while. So convinced that I had started telling people that she’s nowhere near mobility and she could stay that way for as long as she wanted. And God laughed. Again. I’ve had it wrong all this time it seems.

Somewhere along the way we went from fist pumps and high fives, to nervous laughter and silently mouthing inappropriate words to each other so the kids can’t hear what we’re really thinking, when our babies started crawling. I think you’re supposed to progress with every child, and get better as a parent, but we may just be regressing with our lack of enthusiasm over here. It’s supposed to be, “Oh YAY!!!” not “Oh CRAP!”

We are back to baby gates now, and picking everything up off the floor; making a sweep and checking it twice for small objects and choking hazards.

Crawling is trouble for everyone involved.

Yes indeed.

…but it’s still awfully cute. You go my baby girl. Mommy is sure proud even if she wasn’t ready for this just yet.

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One thought on “Parenting Regression

  1. You’re not regressing Jenna, you’re just getting wise. As all good parents do. 🙂 Chalk it up to seasoned veterans to mouth inappropriate words behind their kids’ backs. 😉


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