Boring Stuff

Sometimes life as a mom is filled with boring stuff and that’s okay. Sometimes having nothing spectacular or dramatic going on is a really welcome and lovely thing.

So here’s our boring, everyday, stuff.

Rosalie is motoring everywhere. I caught her today standing up on her own while drinking her bottle. She loves the attention of her brothers and will sit and just stare at them waiting to see what they’re going to do next. She’s been sharing a room with us her whole little life and as much as I’ve loved listening to her sweet sighs and giggles coming from the play pen at the foot of my bed – we were ready for her to move in with Olivier. This week we put them together and I was expecting a train wreck. I was expecting Olivier keeping her awake and being a punk. It turns out that I was right. He keeps her awake whispering, singing, reading stories, and laughing with her. She is just eating it up. We hear them carrying on for a few minutes every night before falling asleep and it’s so endearing I kind of wish we’d put them together sooner. Rosie Posie and Olie Polie are what we call them. They’re hilarious together.

Olivier is on the verge of leaving toddler-hood behind him, and I’m not sad. I should be, because he’s my last baby boy. Maybe on his 3rd birthday in February it will feel bittersweet. But he’s becoming this super big brother and growing up before my eyes and I am loving it. He wants me to play with him and he loves pretend and is just so funny. It has been a long time since I’ve had a little boy who wants to play pretend with me – it took me by complete surprise when he started with it. Mateo loved pretend. Andreas doesn’t do pretend so much. He was always somewhere else, stacking or lining up his toys, playing crash & burn games or repeating the lines to his Thomas episodes over and over. So I had forgotten about 2 year olds and playing pretend. It’s good times. Along with moving from toddler to preschooler comes every mother’s favorite milestone – toilet training. We were anticipating a struggle and drama and fits and tears. What we got was a little boy who is so proud to go potty all by himself that he picked it up in a few days and is waking up from naps dry already too.
I am one surprised and happy mommy. I underestimated my youngest son with regards to sharing a room with his sister and toilet training. It’s nice to be wrong sometimes.

Andreas has completed his developmental assessments. I will write a separate blog about the process from start to finish another time. We will have the report/results in a few weeks. We’re happy the process is over with and feel that we’ve done our due diligence as parents in leaving no stone unturned. That feeling of knowing there is nothing else you could do, regardless of outcome, is a strange feeling. I’m not sure yet if it’s good or bad or something else. Maybe it’s peace. Peace no matter what. He is doing well with school, although he is burned out every day when he gets home. I lose him for a couple of hours while he retreats into Andreas-land and sorts himself out. His new thing is watching the baby channel to calm down. I’m concerned about grade 1 next year because the full day is going to be a struggle for him in terms of energy. He’s always tired easily and will tell me when he’s ready to go to bed at night because he just cannot be awake anymore. We aren’t even close to grade 1 yet and he has lots of time to grow, but moms are always thinking ahead and this is no exception. I would be delighted to be wrong. For now we’re enjoying watching him grow up by being at school and just letting him take his time to be little when he’s at home.

Mateo is a little writer and he asked for a blog so I made him one. He loves to write, always has, and I’m loving the interest in blogging. How could I not? He is growing up too and it’s interesting watching him waver between being a little kid who believes in magic and pretend still, and a big kid who is all about video games and his friends. Our conversations are changing. His sweet faith is growing with him and that is a joy to watch and be part of. With all that goes on with my younger three I sometimes feel like we take Mateo’s easygoing, responsible nature for granted. We’ve been trying to pay extra attention and spend dedicated time with him. Because he’s a good kid and we want it to stay that way. It’s little things, like letting him come downstairs after Andreas has fallen asleep (which takes about 5 minutes), so that we can chit chat or he can play a bit longer. Or bringing him along when one of us has an errand to run or goes somewhere. Andreas always wants to stay home and Olivier gets his chance to go when the boys are in school. It’s writing stories with him or shooing the little kids to the play room so he can play a video game in peace for half an hour. I know the days where he’s focused on his friends more than us are quickly approaching and I’m trying to make the most of this time while I’ve got his full attention and he still wants mine.

The kids are good. It’s boring stuff to read. But it’s going to be nice stuff to remember. With the inevitable ups and downs of life, I’m content with boring and remembering not to take it for granted. Boring here is not to be confused with dull. There is never a dull moment around here. Boring is pretty incredible.

Boring is a gift.

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