Summer Strategy

Congratulations – you have survived the winter that almost never ended and crushed spirits everywhere. I wonder how much the drug companies made selling antidepressants to people with seasonal depression. No judgement. Just honest curiosity. Cabin fever should be a diagnosis of it’s own I think, because it nearly killed me for real. By March I was sending my sons outside to just shovel off the trampoline and jump in their snowsuits because they were bouncing off the walls indoors enough as it was. I’m Canadian. I actually love me some winter snow. Fall snow and spring snow acting as bookends to the winter snow however, I could live without. I almost forgot what grass and leaves on trees look like in real life. Was I just imaging it being real? It snowed briefly while we were at a BBQ in May and I called out the window, “Elsa, is that you?” Because damn. Enough already. But it’s here now, all of that green lusciousness everywhere. Sweet blessed mercy, spring has finally overtaken winter, and just in time for summer. We are feeling all of the joy over here.

she has *the joy*
she has *the joy*

The kids around here don’t get out for summer break until the end of June. Because Jesus loves me, that’s why. The end of June feels really far away right now but really it’s tomorrow so I was trying to come up with like a master list of things to do with my 4 children over summer break. There is no shortage of events, attractions, places to go, and things to do around here. We are signed up for free bowling, we have passes to Heritage Park, access to the lake, library cards, and endless games and toys in our own house and backyard. So why am I worried about what we’re going to do all summer?

Olivier & Rosalie on a walk
Olivier & Rosalie on a walk

Because I am the mom and it’s on me. While I don’t feel compelled to be their constant entertainment committee, and really don’t feel like their boredom is my personal responsibility, the reality is that they are still kids and still need some direction on my part. I need a summer strategy or they will consume me. Here is the list so far. Some of these ideas will make you money, some are DIY, and some will cost you money. Feel free to add your ideas in the comments.

when all else fails, they play with each other in the backyard
when all else fails, they play with each other in the backyard

1. Do a super purge of all the closets and toy box and rooms and garage, and have a yard sale.

2. Have a lemonade stand. (Especially on yard sale day)

3. Try out new parks at schools or neighborhoods you haven’t been to yet.

4. Water park or swimming pool.

5. Lake

6. Make an obstacle course.

7. Build a fort.

8. Nature walk or hike.

9. Short road trip (we are hoping to do Banff and the Royal Tyrrell dinosaur museum)

10. Picnic

11. Water fight

12. Zoo

13. Berry Picking

14. Corn Maze/fun farm type places

15. Put on a talent show or play

16. Library

17. Bubbles & side walk chalk (for the younger ones)

18. Let them make movies for a youtube channel (for the older ones)

19. Go for a walk to get slurpees or ice cream

20. Quiet time (we make this happen every day)

21. Scavenger hunt or treasure hunt

22. Chores (because summer is messy and they should help clean it up!)

23. Bike ride

24. Disorganized sports (get a few other parents and their kids together and have a soccer game)

25. VBS (Vacation Bible School)

26. Day camp

27. Free Bowling (

28. Fishing (we just got our boys into this and they love it)

29. School work – because kids forget things over the summer. So a little reading or math isn’t going to kill them.

30. Movies on a rainy day

the boys fishing
the boys fishing

I’m sure there are many more things to do on a summer day. We have one kid interested in learning French and another one that Daddy is teaching to play guitar. And around here, when all else fails, we go to Grandma’s house and make our boredom her personal responsibility.

copyright (c) 2014 Jenna Pelias // all rights reserved

One thought on “Summer Strategy

  1. This is part of the reason why we’re getting a pool membership for this summer. It’s worth the expense and we’ll get more than our money’s worth out of it. Plus, we’re also planning to do “Amish Summer” here this year: no technology (TV, video games, Wii, Netflix, whatever) from lunch to dinner. If I can haul them to the pool, they’ll be occupied during Amish time and exhausted at bedtime. (I do plan to make exceptions for days when Momma has a migraine to beat the band or someone is sick.)

    My kids have some 3D sidewalk chalk, and they love it! Best buy I think I’ve ever made for outdoor stuff.

    We also will be doing “summer school” stuff at least three times a week. My oldest especially benefits from it. (She’s almost 9.)

    You should add playing in the sprinkler to your list! Minimal work for you, lots of fun for them!


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