Frozen In Summer

It snowed on Monday. You wouldn’t think that snow in Canada would be big deal, but it is. It really is. Because we only get so many snow-free months out of a year, it is obscene and offensive when it snows before the calendar even gets officially to fall. I have this weird personal goal of making it past Thanksgiving before seeing snow, Canadian Thanksgiving falling in early October. I don’t know where that goal came from and I am aware of how ridiculous it is to set a goal for the forces of nature, yet I keep trying to make it past Thanksgiving. Obviously, this year nature has failed to meet the goal.

Snow. In September. "Is that you, Elsa?"
Snow. In September. “Is that you, Elsa?”

My cheeky oldest child took the opportunity to mock me at every turn on Monday. “Hey Mom, look at all the snow, does that mean Santa’s coming?” He taunted me. Ha. Ha. Ha. Oh, Mateo thought he was super funny. Little did he know.

After two days of winter’s tantrum getting us down, I woke up this morning and decided that there would not be a day 3. The blizzard was back, downing trees, taking out power lines, and causing accidents all over the place. So the most logical thing I could think of was for us to have Christmas. I mean, obviously. If the weather isn’t going to play along with the calendar, then why should we?

I told Glenn my plan. “I think if you can’t beat winter, you join it. You say, ‘forget you winter – we are having Christmas.’ And have a party.” He replied, “You know what else you could do? You could stay warm inside with blankets and relax.” I told him that he needed to thaw his frozen heart of darkness. Such was all the persuasion he needed to be convinced that pranking the kids with pretend Christmas, complete with turkey dinner, a tree, and presents, was a brilliant idea. We just needed Olivier to go to school after lunch so that we could get going on the surprise.

My sisters came to visit this morning and the four girls + Olivier spent a good part of the day trashing my house while we all took turns holding baby Coen. You can never have too many baby cuddles. Backstory: my 2 sisters and I all got pregnant and were due within weeks of each other almost 3 years ago. Nicole had twin girls Emma & Ellie end of January 2012, I had Rosalie in February 2012, and Amy had Adaya in early March 2012. I think we almost gave our parents a heart attack having 4 baby girls 6 weeks apart. Amy just had another boy named Coen in August. Our play dates are hilarious, to say the least.

Emma, Adaya, Ellie, Rosalie. At least *some* people got to be warm and cozy on this snow day.
Emma, Adaya, Ellie, Rosalie. At least *some* people got to be warm and cozy on this snow day.

Once my goofy guy Olivier went off to kindergarten for the afternoon, we were on it. Glenn ran out to get the turkey while I pulled the Christmas tree out of the garage. The girls were thrilled. “Chwismas” was here! I gave them a pile of jingle bells to hang on the tree while they all sang their own 2.5 year old messed up versions of Jingle Bells off key and out of sync.

Along with turkey and trimmings, Glenn scored some $2 kites for the boys, and little toys for the girls. (Dollar store, for the pretend Christmas win.) We wrapped those up and BAM. Christmas. The real moment though, the big thing, was when the boys came home from school. It was really all about surprising them with *something* good on a rotten, cold, snowy, summer-fall day.

Mateo? He was incredulous and thought we were either kidding or swapping this prankster Christmas for the real one, in which case he wanted real Christmas.

Andreas? Eyes big and a smile plastered across his face he says to me, “Oh mom, you shouldn’t have!” In a tone that made it clear he was glad that I did.

Olivier? All excitement and WOOHOO because he is still little enough for everything about Christmas to be magic. This was magic. He also wins quote of the day for finding a wooden baby Jesus tree ornament and exclaiming, “Look! The baby Jesus is on the Christmas tree! HEY DUDE!”

They were as excited for their $2 toys as for the desire of their heart on actual Christmas morning.

Kids and toys. They were so blessed.
Kids and toys. They were so blessed.

We shared Christmas dinner with my sister Nicole, her husband Stefan and their twins. After they had gone and a very burnt out Rosalie was sent to bed early, the boys suited up and did what Canadians kids do on a snow day: they went outside to play in the snow.

Snowballs, snowmen, and snow angels. They did what frozen things do in summer.
Snowballs, snowmen, and snow angels. They did what frozen things do in summer.

All in all, not a bad day. And what a memory.

If you can't beat a summer blizzard, put up a tree and call it Christmas.
If you can’t beat a summer blizzard, put up a tree and call it Christmas.

But to be honest…we are okay with summer coming back like, as soon as possible.

"Will trade for summer."  Seriously.
“Will trade for summer.”

copyright (c) 2014 Jenna Pelias // all rights reserved

3 thoughts on “Frozen In Summer

  1. Hilarious! I do hope you get summer back though. I thought it was bad enough we had below freezing here the last week of August! But we have had a little bit of summer/early autumn back. The only thing is we don’t trust it anymore and go out with a coat to find yourself sweltering.
    Sandy in the UK
    PS I enjoy your blog and facebook – though I’m not signed in to comment there. You remind me of my sis in Alaska and her family.
    and I Pray for your family now and then when I think of it. Will pray for the colds and flu to stay away this winter.


  2. Haha fantastic idea! I live west of Edmonton so we got a dump of snow too! It is craziness!! This is totally fun though! I hope the snow doesn’t come so early EVER again but if it does I’ll have to remember this 🙂


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