Give Them Potatoes

My follow up post to the Halloween blog. Personally, I think this one gets my point across much better than the previous one, but people like the more contentious stuff better I supposed. Either way. If this helps, then I’m glad to share it once more. Happy Halloween. Or not. Whatever. It’s up to you!

Jenna Pelias

Congratulations, internet. You have rendered my loud mouth speechless.

When I started getting ‘likes’ on my TroubleFaceMom Facebook page over the weekend, I told my husband that something was wrong. Because my blog is normally a cozy little kumbaya for the friends and family who tolerate me talking too much about my kids. I hadn’t even posted anything in a few weeks. My friend thought I was about to be harassed by a gang of trolls. Then the likes kept coming so I decided to check what was going on around here. It told me that nearly 10,000 people had viewed my blog yesterday.

I died. Surely I must have posted something that angered the beast that is the internet. But what? Between my two blogs, I write about sex, marriage, autism, divorce, affairs, porn, the church, Jesus, demons, angels, faith, and parenting.

The internet is broken.

That was…

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One thought on “Give Them Potatoes

  1. Refreshing, I was raised in satanism, but allowed to participate in the innocent side of Halloween to look normal to the outside world. Also, my Mom was allowed to take me to Catholic Church to look normal to the outside world. Yes, I’ve had to get over a lot of trauma associated with Halloween, but none of that came from trick or treating, we did that first, and dressing up was innocent and fun. The traumatic stuff happened later. I’ve been a Christian for many many years, most of my trauma is healed, and I see no harm in loving on trick or treaters and the parents accompanying them, as you do, I just live in an apartment with no buzzer, so kids don’t come to our doors, if ever I had my own house, I’d buy candy and invite them. Good on you for loving, another way to connect with the neighbors on Halloween is to invite them to your church’s Hallelujah Night, or whatever you call it, an innocent safe fun time with lots of candy for the kids, and maybe you can introduce them to Jesus at the same time, just saying. I do spend as much time as I can praying for those still trapped in satanism as I was, especially the kids, but adults also, for them to be set free and saved as I am, God Bless You, TFM! Two Great Posts!


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