Just One Step Forward

I’ve heard it said that the thing you don’t want to do, is probably the thing you most need to do. When I signed up for seminary this summer, I thought I’d stick with Bible classes and just focus on Jesus. No ministry or leadership classes, no thank you. Well, God took my “no thank you” and raised me a “here you go.” The first class I ended up in was a leadership one. Just the way my schedule worked with what was offered this semester and what I needed to take. I did not want to take this class. I did not want to think about leadership. I did not want to talk about leadership. I was pretty sure I did not want to be a leader of anyone or anything ever again.
My “1st day of school” photo. Glenn insisted we take it and I’m glad now that he did. 
I submitted my final paper for that leadership class this afternoon. Do you want to know how much I NEEDED to take it despite not wanting to? All the way much. So much. Not because it has radically transformed me into some kind of instant overnight super-leader, but because it has helped shake off the cobwebs surrounding leadership experiences in my life at various times. It has given me clarity and infused some hope, which I badly needed. It also affirmed some of the values I have about leading and leadership, and re-inspired confidence to continue standing up for them – hopefully in more effective ways now. Just one step forward. 
I took this photo at a school retreat this fall. Psalm 23. God is quieting the noise and confusion in my life. It is good. It is so, so good.
So I don’t know what really uncomfortable but ultimately healthy thing some of you may be avoiding like I was avoiding this class, but I urge you to reconsider. Big or small, it is worth it to make a step in the direction of overcoming the thing that makes you want to hide or stops you in your tracks. 
My next thing I don’t want to do but need to do is flu shots. Needles make me panic more than leadership does. But I can do hard things. So can you. Go us. 
copyright (c) 2018 Jenna Pelias // all rights reserved 

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