Introductory Things

About this thing I call TroubleFace.

TroubleFace is the look on a persons face when some kind of terrific mischief is about to go down, already under way, or has just happened. It’s my favorite expression because it always leads to the best moments, and to the stories that my grandchildren will want to hear about their parents one day. It’s the twinkle in the eyes, the silly grin, the dimples, the scrunchy nose, the crooked smile, and the hand in the cookie jar. There is all kinds of delicious trouble to be had in our home and I wouldn’t have it any other way.

I am Jenna, wife to Glenn since August 2004.


Our children are 3 sons aged 14, 12, and 9, and a daughter who is 7. Our second son was diagnosed with autism when he was 5 and I sometimes write about that, although I wouldn’t say this is an autism specific blog. We’re Canadian; I’m of French and Irish descent, while my husband’s parents immigrated to Canada from the Philippines before he was born. We love Jesus and my husband leads worship music in our church; I write about faith and issues of faith, but I do not aim to use this blog as a means for argument about them. It happens sometimes anyway, but engaging in the debate is optional.

I am currently a student working toward a Master of Divinity, which is a whole situation for a stay at home mom. It’s good, but it’s a lot. One day at a time, God gives me the grace I need for all of it.

You can find me on Facebook, where I post almost daily about the shenanigans and goings on in our lives.

Things I Like:
the smell of books
snow (but not the cold…it’s complicated)
watching the News
learning about things, all kinds of things
listening to my husband sing (bonus points if he’s singing to me)
happy kids
the Bible
my family
my friends
warm blankets
rainy days
foot rubs (this is a test to see if my husband reads my blog)
hot baths
going for walks
lake days with my kids

Things I Do Not Like
slow walkers
loud chewers
people who don’t know how to merge properly
windy days
bad news
asthma attacks
the emergency room, in general
early mornings
loud noises
small talk
tags in my clothes and seams in my socks
needles, OMG

copyright (c) 2012 troublefacemom.com // all rights reserved

21 thoughts on “About

  1. We have never met, but when I read your posts, it seems like I am listening to a dear friend. You are wise beyond your years, and when you write, I feel encouraged and inspired! From one mother of four to another, Bless you on your journey!


  2. So I’m one of the many who stumbled here because of your Halloween post…and I’m so glad that I did. I love your writing and outlook on life. Keep on writing!


  3. Lady, if I could give you a microphone and a platform that had the ear of every Christian in America, I would. In a heartbeat!

    Just, yes. Yes! Jesus isn’t afraid. Not of Halloween, not of inappropriately dressed teenagers or half drunk parents. He isn’t afraid. Period.

    I can’t tell you how happy I am to see someone who is clearly influencing others (on an every growing scale) have the attitude of “I can afford it. I can afford to be with the ‘wrong’ people and have others judge me because of it.”

    Wow. Way to go!


    1. My mom was 16 when she had me. She and my Dad did not get married till I was 18. They separated when I was 8 for a year while he quit drinking.

      People. I have been judged my whole life. I am so far from over it, these people who are losing it over hanging out with people like me and mine are just talking gibberish. Love people or don’t. It is all good with me. Jesus will show up with or without us.


  4. Nice Blog Jenna… I still hate halloween, not only because of what it represents but because i hate costumes… but now I am a dad and I have to be ok with my kids wanting to be a kid…so someone will take my kid out this year, just not me… (mostly cuz we are moving) normally we shut the lights off and don’t hand out candy, maybe that might change next year thanks to your blog… take it easy,


  5. Thanks for you words Jenna. I am a mom in small town southern Sask, to two Autism Spectrum boys, one with Aspergers and one most likely there too. I am also a pastor’s wife, so I want you to know I appreciate you and your family more than you know! Keep speaking truths with love and patience! Looking forward to reading and sharing more!
    Tina Johnson


  6. Jenna,
    My name is Nickie Morris and I’ve just now read your blog. You are so passionate and beautiful!! I am studying English at Texas State University and I was wondering how to start a blog. I love your zealousness to share the Word and your fearlessness toward religion.
    I want to write in the same fashion so I hope you can give me some tips!

    I will keep reading.

    Nickie Morris


  7. A Big Hello from Ontario!! Love your blog, especially your post/poem regarding the impossibility of having too many books πŸ˜€ Not a mom yet, but a book-work-auntie who purchased a wonderful children’s collection (including such titles as Anne of Green Gables, and The Wind in the Willows…) for her 4 year old niece who is already an avid book-reading-worm. Keep writing. God Bless


  8. Just realized you’re in Calgary too so you are all too familiar with our sometimes freezing cold Halloweens. Again, small world.


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