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TroubleFace Mom is on facebook. I post pictures and updates and a little bit of everything on there pretty frequently. Sometimes I think facebook makes it easy NOT to blog, because it’s so fast to put up an update without a lot of effort. You know those women who can write books and run the world and have it all, all at the same time as raising a house full of little ones? I’m not one of those women. I suspect that they would tell you straight up that they are also not one of those women. We do what we can with what we’ve got, and that is alright. There is more space for writing in my life as my children are growing, and I am liking that very much indeed.

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  1. Stumbled across your blog when a friend posted your entry about Halloween on FB. Just wanted to say I’ve never heard any Christian give a better explanation for what we should be doing with this one confusing and controversial day of the year. We have plans for this year but I actually think I might change my view and maybe hand out hot chocolate next year while my husband takes the kids around the neighbourhood. We live in Alberta, so it’s generally pretty cold. I’ll let him do the dirty work ;). On a completely different note, I was in Master’s Commission with Alison Springer’s brother Julian and actually knew her a little bit from her days in Calgary at First Assembly. Such a “wow, such a small world” connection. It’s neat to see that she is still continuing to use her life to bring honor to God and hope to the world.


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